Customs and warehouse services

Terminal and warehouse services are demanded everywhere for the cargo traffic optimisation and customs payments diversification; their range depends on harbour infrastructure and availability of other logistics centres and warehouses in the specified region.

Our company offers simple services like registration of transport means (automobile, railway platform), carrying container further from the transit harbour to client with weighing (recalculation, sampling, cargo certification, etc.), if necessary, as well as unloading at the customs warehouses in the free economic zones, sorting and distribution in compliance with client's current order. This allows importing into Russian federation and performing custom clearance over the part of cargo demanded at the moment, leaving the rest at the warehouse, allowing not carrying out customs payments unless there is a need in specified cargo.

All afore-mentioned services are accompanied by issuing all the necessary customs documentation, declarations and statements.

Our company also provides broker services and Russian territory custom clearance consultations, depending on cargo nomenclature and clients' requirements.