Surface transport is a necessary final element of a transportation chain, performing cargo or container delivery from a transit port to client. Our company has a necessary experience and infrastructure for working with motor- and railway transport in all the Baltic transit ports, a wide range of road haulers and railway forwarders assures competitive prices and reliability at the expense of long-term collaboration with all the companies we involve in shipping.

For cargoes distributed from warehouses, motor transport of small to super-large load capacity (depending on cargo volume) as well as consolidation with other passing cargoes is available.

The surface transport is an element of shipping demanding the greatest forwarder's working hours, it is also a subject to maximum risk of different kinds of mistakes and emergency situations, but it is the surface transport that often forms client's opinion regarding the entire transportation chain service quality, so we always recommend sticking to constant partners, abstaining from unassisted search for casual cars, which , however, we will load and register on client's request.