Container Shipping

Maritime container shipping is considered the most dynamically developing method of transportation due to its convenience, fixed schedule, high speed of large cargo volume allocation and flexibility, opportunity to combine shipping with truck or railway leg without access to the cargo itself—all these qualities make this type of transportation the most economically justified for the majority of cargo types.

The key moments of successful maritime container carriers (lines) are: knowing which carrier enters the necessary port, orientation in covering other ports and regions (service availability), knowing their strongest and weakest elements such as equipment (containers) and vessel' space availability, process mechanization level, line agent' independent decision making potential, planned changes in services and pricing policies. There is a big significance in good long-term relationships with linear agents in specific ports and with commercial centres responsible for pricing and other conditions granted to certain client. There is also a big importance in knowledge of infrastructure, ports' and terminals' capabilities, customs working procedures and document processing requirements.

Our company is constantly developing relationships with the lines including agents in certain ports as well as with regional administrations. The aim is not only to receive good current freight rate, but also to be prepared for any emergency situation, many of which are usually prevented, and to be prepared for shipping market prices fluctuations and alterations to clients' requirements.

The means for reaching these aims (therefore, achieving a truly high service level) are using our own agents in all the ports, used for regular shipping performed by our company, constant study of innovations and tracking of all the changes, and also broadening the contact network on the personal level.

We will be happy to share our experience and opportunities to make container shipping for the client as simple as possible, at the same time, considering all the risks and being ready to change something promptly.