Work with China

Collaboration with China

Besides agents assuring logistics and cargo shipping in all the ports, our company possesses its own branch in China, considerably widening the spectre of services offered.

Acting on behalf of our client, our representative office in China can perform a purchase of cargo' consignment, and client can pay for the goods, transportation and customs services to our residential company in Russia. Services of searching a demanded good according to specified criteria, sample dispatch and quality control are available as well. Meanwhile, information efficiency is assured by clients' direct communication with our Russian-speaking employee in China.

During goods' searching and purchase process separate batches are collected for responsible storage and consolidated into container consignments at China harbours' warehouses, then containers are shipped from different Chinese ports to the European port (e.g., Riga), where goods are responsibly stored at a warehouse in customs regimen with a further consolidation into motor transport shipments, according to client's packing list, so at the warehouse our client receives just the demanded goods, collected from different consignments.

It is possible to pay our Russian resident company for the entire services range by a single transaction.


Surface transport is a necessary final element of a transportation chain, performing cargo or container delivery from a transit port to client. 
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