In 2011 the AP Company was separated into an individual structure from an export trading commercial holding. Today, the AP Company unites widely experienced specialists with logistics and transport as well as commercial background, enabling us to understand our clients' needs in the best way.

Our clients are importers, small shipping companies and customs brokers, who often possess their own groundwork and preferences regarding some steps of shipment or cargo registration. We offer optimization of other transport chain links by using our own contracts, agents and technologies, fully integrating client-controlled elements into a final product. Thereby, our client independently defines critical elements to control, while we take care of everything else, perfecting our services and cutting costs. Door to door service is available, but not compulsory.

Our goal is to inform our client about different opportunities and conditions of shipping lines, agents, harbours, warehouses, hauliers, railway, customs brokers—all our contracts form a set of alternative solutions, from which we and our client select the optimal ones for a certain cargo traffic type.

Such an approach is currently the most demanded in the field of containerized cargo imported through the Baltic (Riga, Klaipeda, Tallinn) and Finnish (Kotka, Hamina) harbours, forming our company's core activity, but not limiting it. Also, our activities include projects crossing Russian harbours, and export projects including container transportation or transferring through harbour or warehouse from/to railway boxcars or trucks.

Inform us of your desires, about your requirements towards an ideal logistics scheme for your cargo, and we will help you to implement them.


Surface transport is a necessary final element of a transportation chain, performing cargo or container delivery from a transit port to client. 
F/A transportation
Sea transportation